March 1999 -- The hot tub unloaded ...

... set in place ...

... and (May 1999) filled with water and ready to use.

May 1999 -- "Tent, General Purpose, Small" set up for temporary workshop.

Inside the tent.  Not a bad workshop.

October 20 -- Big ol' wild pig (or Rodent of Unusual Size?) which hung around the house for a week or so.

November 4 -- One of a flock of ducks floating in the mighty Mimbres River.  When I drove up they took off, headed south.

November 13 -- Look at this handsome character.  This is a Steller's jay which has been checking my work on the treehouse.

Christmas 1999 -- Here is the exquisite scene we woke up to on Christmas morning.  The first snowfall of the season, and it was a beauty.

February 2000 -- Fashionable lunch crowd at a well-known local eatery.